MicroLED Displays 2018

Yole Développement

Technology advances enable a credible cost reduction path toward high volume applications



  • Technology update: recent progress and status on epitaxy, chip manufacturing, microLED efficiency, mechanical, laserbased and self-assembly transfer processes, light management and color conversion
  • Yield and defect management: What are the reasonable targets for microLEDs?
  • Can Thin Film Transistor (TFT) backplanes be used to drive microLED displays? Specific challenges in comparison to OLED displays
  • Cost analysis: Can microLED TV or smartphone display manufacturing costs be compatible with these applications? Which cost reduction paths are realistic?
  • Updated adoption roadmap and volume forecast



  • Detailed analysis of MicroLED technologies
  • Key players
  • Intellectual property
  • Supply chain
  • MicroLED die and assembly cost analysis for TVs and smartphones
  • MicroLED display applications: Strength, weakness opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis, roadmap and forecast for TVs, smartphones, wearables, augmented, mixed and virtual reality, laptops, tablets and monitors, plus detailed forecast through 2027
  • Wafer, MOCVD reactor and transfer equipment demand forecast



Understand microLED display technologies:

  • Benefits and drawbacks compared to other display technologies.
  • Key technology bricks and associated challenges, cost drivers.
  • Technology roadblocks.

Which applications could microLED display address and when?

  • Detailed analysis and roadmaps for major display applications.
  • Cost analysis.
  • How disruptive will microLED be for incumbent technologies?

Competitive landscape and supply chain

  • Identify the key players and IP owners in technology development and manufacturing.
  • Scenario for a microLED display supply chain
  • Impact on the LED supply chain
  • Impact on the display supply chain

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