MicroLED Displays – Intellectual Property Landscape and Analysis 2021

Yole Développement

Joining Apple, Samsung, LG, XDisplay, PlayNitride, Facebook and others, newcomers are accelerating microLED patenting activity.

What’s new

  • Fully updated intellectual property landscape with over 1640 new patent families
  • Identify new players, spikes in activity, changes in hot areas
  • Identify new technology trends for each segment including transfer and assembly, pixel and display architecture, driving, monolithic microdisplays, color generation and conversion, light shaping and extraction, tiling, in-display sensors etc
  • Key technologies and maturity levels

Key features of the report

  • Extensive Excel database with 4100 patent families with hyperlinks to original documents, abstracts, assignees and applications in each family
  • IP leadership, newcomers and major trends
  • Key patents and emerging trends
  • IP collaboration networks between players
  • Portfolio strength ranking for each technology node
  • Time evolution of filings by company, country, technology node and company type
  • Geographic trends by country of filing and company headquarters
  • Overview of China’s IP trends

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