MicroLED Displays – Intellectual Property Status & Landscape 2020

Yole Développement

MicroLED intellectual property activity is growing exponentially both in terms of patents and topics. BOE has overtaken Apple, and China and traditional display makers are now in the lead.

What’s new

  • Fully updated intellectual property landscape: more than 4x more patent families, with 1900 new ones, and 3x more players, with more than 200 new ones, compared to the 2018 study
  • Identify new players and new technology trends
  • New technology segments analyzed: tiling for modular displays and driving

Key features of the report

  • Extensive excel database of over 2400 patent families with hyperlinks to information including original documents, abstracts and assignees
  • IP leadership, newcomers and key trends
  • Portfolio strength ranking by technology node, including chip design, transfer and defect management
  • IP collaboration networks between players
  • Time evolution of patents filings by company, countries, technology node and company type

Objectives of the report

  • High level industry and intellectual property trends: including timeline, geographic trends, shift in leadership, emerging players and organization types
  • Identify leaders and emerging players in microLED intellectual property
  • Leadership per region and company type including display makers, OEMs, equipment makers, startup, academics
  • IP leadership and portfolio strength of leading companies, and their technology/application focus
  • Deep insights into the status of microLED display technologies, identifying trends for each technology node and emerging technologies
  • Identify IP collaborations between various organizations

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