MicroLED Displays – Market, Industry and Technology Trends 2020

Yole Développement

MicroLED equipment and manufacturing infrastructure: a cornerstone for microLED and a key strategic lever for Apple and Samsung to disrupt the industry.

What’s new

  • Analysis of the microLED manufacturing and equipment emerging ecosystem: requirement, challenges, strategies, competitive landscape
  • Technology status and trends: QNED self-assembly and color-converted nanorod microLEDs, microLED display module tiling, including challenges, electrical interconnects and major technologies
  • Updated microLED adoption roadmaps and volume forecasts for displays and epiwafers
  • Updated intellectual property trends
  • Recent events and trends in technology and the competitive landscape

Key features of the report

  • MicroLED technology status
  • Competitive landscape and key player profiles
  • Intellectual property trends
  • Supply chain readiness, manufacturing and equipment ecosystems
  • MicroLED yield management and repair strategy analysis
  • Cost analysis: TV, smartwatch and smartphones
  • MicroLED display applications: Strength, weakness opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis, roadmap and forecast for TVs, smartphones, wearables, automotive, augmented reality, laptops, tablets and monitors
  • MicroLED display panel and wafer demand forecast

Objectives of the report

Understand the status of microLED technologies:

  • Recent progress
  • What are the remaining pinch points?


Which applications could microLED display address and when?

  • Detailed analysis and roadmaps for major display applications
  • Cost analysis


Competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Identify the key players and IP owners in technology development and manufacturing. Who’s taking the lead? Key partnerships
  • Scenario for a microLED display supply chain: OEMs, display makers, equipment makers, startups and technology providers
  • Impact on the display supply chain

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