MicroLED Displays – Market, Industry and Technology Trends 2021

Yole Développement

Strong momentum for MicroLED with progress on all fronts. Cost is the biggest challenge, but Apple and Samsung are carving paths toward the consumer.

What’s new

  • Recent events and trends in technology and the competitive landscape
  • Die size and cost roadmaps
  • In-depth analyses of the microLED TV market: B2B vs. B2C, miniLED direct view LED display vs. microLED TVs
  • Display drivers and architectures: TFT, microdrivers and chiplets
  • Updated analysis of the microLED manufacturing and equipment emerging ecosystem: requirements, challenges, strategies, competitive landscape

Key features

  • Technology status: efficiency, transfer, driving, QNED, etc.
  • Process flows
  • Manufacturing, equipment
  • Competitive landscape, key players
  • Intellectual property trends
  • Supply chain readiness, manufacturing, and equipment ecosystems
  • Cost aspects, roadmaps
  • MicroLED display applications: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, roadmap and forecast for TVs, smartphones, wearables, automotive, augmented reality, laptops, tablets, and monitors
  • MicroLED display panel and wafer demand forecast

Report objectives

Understand the status of microLED technology:

  • Recent progress
  • What are the remaining pinch points?
  • Cost aspects, roadmaps

Competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Understand the microLED ecosystem: LED makers, equipment providers, panel makers, OEMs: key players, who does what, who works with whom?
  • Scenarios for microLED display supply chain: OEMs, display makers, equipment makers, start-ups, and technology providers
  • Impact on the display supply chain

Which applications could microLED displays address and when?

  • Detailed analyses and roadmaps for major display applications
  • Cost analysis

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