MiniLED Displays 2019

Yole Développement

MiniLED prosumer applications are on their way – and industrial direct-view LED displays are strengthening their development.

What’s new

  • Recent technology status and trends including chip, assembly and driving levels
  • Updated adoption roadmap and volume forecast for displays and epiwafers
  • Automotive lighting application analysis

Key features

  • Detailed analysis of miniLED technologies in two major display applications:
    • high performance LCD in applications including TVs, smartphones, monitors and automotive
    • Narrow pixel pitch LED direct view displays based on SMD and COB
  • Key players and supply chain
  • Display panel volume forecast
  • LED epiwafer volume forecast

Report objectives

Understand MiniLED display technologies:

  • Benefits and drawbacks vs other display technologies
  • Key technology bricks and associated challenges
  • Technology roadblocks

Understand the MiniLED application landscape:

  • Which applications could be addressed and when
  • Analysis and roadmaps for major display applications
  • How disruptive are they for incumbent technologies

Understand the MiniLED competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Key players
  • Impact on the LED and display supply chains

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