MiniLED for Display Applications: LCD and Digital Signage

Yole Développement

MiniLEDs bring new strength to LCD players in the battle against OLED and enable increased LED adoption on digital signage



  • Detailed analysis of miniLED technologies in two major display applications: high performance LCD and narrow pixel pitch LED direct view display digital signage
  • Key players and supply chain
  • Detailed LCD segment analysis and forecast: TV, smartphone, monitor, automotive
  • Device volume forecast
  • Direct view LED display forecast for Surface Mounted Device (SMD) and Chip On Board (COB) technologies and by pixel pitch
  • Cost aspects
  • LED epiwafer volume forecast



Understand miniLED display technologies:

  • Benefits and drawbacks vs other display technologies.
  • Key technology bricks and associated challenges, cost drivers.
  • Technology roadblocks.

LED by established LEDs, which applications could miniLED displays address and when?

  • Detailed analysis and roadmaps for major display applications.
  • Cost analysis.
  • How disruptive are they for incumbent technologies?

Competitive landscape and supply chain:

  • Identify the key players.
  • MiniLEDs’ impact on the LED and display supply chains

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