Neurotechnologies and Brain Computer Interface

Yole Développement

How are neurotechnologies unraveling the mystery of our brain and opening new business opportunities?



  • Introduction to neurotechnologies and market landscapes
  • Comprehensive market analysis of each segment, covering neurostimulation, neurosensing and brain computer interface
  • Fundraising analysis, investments and acquisitions
  • Patent landscape analysis of neurostimulation and neurosensing
  • Market data and forecasts for 2017 – 2023 with a tentative forecast until 2035, and 2017 market share for each segments
  • Main technologies and roadmaps
  • Company profiles with technology descriptions



To provide a scenario for sensors within the dynamics of the robotic vehicle market

  • Explain the challenges linked to neurotechnologies, and their current and future applications.
  • Offer a technical and economic segmentation of the neurotechnologies field: neurosensing, neurostimulation, brain computer interface.
  • Give an overview of neurotechnologies main players and their respective technologies.
  • Furnish market data and forecasts for the period 2017-2035, and market dynamics in each segments.
  • Provide neurotechnology roadmaps and latest innovation in the different segments.
  • Discover the most active companies through comprehensive list of patents in neurostimulation and neurosensing.

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