Next Generation Sequencing & DNA Synthesis: Technology, Consumables Manufacturing and Market Trends 2019

Yole Développement

With the sequencer installed base doubling, the sequencing consumables market will reach $7.8B by 2024

Report key features

  • History of DNA sequencing
  • Use of semiconductor technologies in sequencing
  • Market data, forecasts and market shares including installed base of sequencers, number of flow cells, number of 8” equivalent wafers, consumables market in $, fab market in $ and raw material market in $
  • Market analysis: applications, drivers, competitive landscape, etc.
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Technology analysis: description, segmentation and comparison of sequencing technologies available and in development. Sample preparation, detection methods, focus on semiconductor-based consumables
  • Company profiles: 50+ companies developing sequencing technologies
  • Dedicated part for DNA synthesis technologies, applications and market trends with a focus on semiconductor technologies

Report objectives 

  • Give an overview of the Next- Generation Sequencing and Next-Generation DNA synthesis market and technology landscapes, understand who the established and upcoming players are, what their technologies are along with their advantages and drawbacks, and how they will evolve in the next few years
  • Understand how and why semiconductor technologies are leveraged in these fields, enabling improvements areas such as cost, size, speed, production scale-up and reproducibility
  • Describe the supply chain
  • Identify where the opportunities are for the different players all along the supply chain, from materials suppliers and MEMS/microfluidic foundries to sequencing technology developers
  • Provide detailed market data and forecasts along with market shares
  • Understand the different technologies at the consumable flow cell level, in terms of microstructures, materials and manufacturing processes

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