Next Generation TV Panels: New Technologies, Features and Market Impact 2019

Yole Développement

With flat unit-volumes, heavy capex, and low profitability, the TV panel industry is at a crossroads and must prepare for the next generation of TVs.

Key features of the report

  • Emerging TV features (panel size, 8K, wide color gamut, HDR):
    • Driving forces
    • Trends
    • Adoption
    • Six-year volume forecasts
  • Emerging TV panel technologies (quantum dots, phosphors, perovskites, nanocell, miniLED, dual cell LCD, microLED, WOLED, RGB OLED, and QD/OLED hybrids):
    • Description
    • SWOT analysis
    • Key players
    • Supply chain
    • Volume forecast per technology
  • TV panel capacity analysis (four-year forecast by fab generation, company, region, and technology)
  • Key players’ technology
  • Manufacturing strategies

Objectives of the report

This report’s objectives are to present and analyze the key features of next-generation TVs, understand which technologies are best-positioned to deliver them, and explore the  intersections in order to understand the impact and strategies of the leading panel makers.

  • Main drivers and obstacles for new TV features?
  • Which technologies could deliver these features?
  • What technologies and manufacturing strategies are deployed by individual panel makers?
  • How can Korean and Japanese manufacturers defend against China’s ascendance?
  • What are the capacity constraints and the overspending risks?


Report available from June 26.

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