Point-of-Need Testing: Application of Microfluidic Technologies

Yole Développement


Point-of-Need Testing: Application of Microfluidic Technologies



  • Drivers fostering the adoption of point-of-need (PoN) systems, and players’ interest
  • Evolution of PoN testing systems over the past five years, and description of the market’s main players
  • New products since 2016
  • Analysis of M&A, fundraisings, and collaborations since 2016
  • Time-to-market for the main PoN testing systems
  • List of new regulations for PoN systems
  • Updated market segmentation including: microfluidics’ added-value for each application, key players, requirements, and market insights
  • Challenges surrounding multiplexed tests and IVD assay menus
  • Targeted and syndromic PoN systems allowing detection of specific analytes or panels of analytes for a specific disease, respectively
  • Analysis of price per test vs. performance, over several applications
  • Updated supply chain analysis


  • Yole’s vision of microfluidics-based Point-of-Need (PoN)
  • Analysis of market dynamics and PoN drivers for human diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, environmental, industrial, and agro-food applications
  • PoN test requirements
  • Key PoN challenges
  • Average selling price (range) for PoN tests
  • Market segmentation including main players and product examples for each segment, along with market share
  • Market data and forecasts over the period 2017 – 2023
  • Regulatory, market access, and reimbursement landscape in human, veterinary, and agro-food markets in the USA, Europe, and China


  • Provide an overview of what has happened within the industry since 2016, including strategic moves, new trends, and product launches
  • Furnish a complete update comprising market data and drivers, as well as key technical and economic requirements for microfluidic technologies’ prospects in PoN testing (all applications)
  • Offer a market segmentation with technical and economic requirements per segment, including product examples, key players, market data, and forecasts for 2017 – 2023, along with market shares and market/technology trends
  • Highlight key points that have changed significantly since 2016, both on the market side and the technology side
  • Explain where and why the opportunities are for various players across the supply chain
  • Impart a deep understanding of the regulatory, market access, and reimbursement landscape for PoN tests in several applications

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