Power Electronics for Automotive – Focus on Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles

Yole Développement

Power electronics demand and the EV market are changing the supply chain, driven by increasing vehicle efficiency.

What’s new:

  • Broader discussion on the context of vehicle electrification
  • Si and SiC substrate forecast for xEV
  • New summary on the driving forces of xEV
  • ‘Tesla Effect’ in global automotive industry and its supply chain
  • Review of PEV adoption in Norway
  • Hybrid vehicle supply chain and technologies
  • Integration of high voltage systems
  • Affordable BEV strategies

Report key features:

  • Market forecast: xEV market forecast (2021-2027)
  • Market forecast: xEV converter market (2021-2027)
  • Market forecast: xEV main inverter market (2021-2027)
  • Market forecast: xEV power device market (2021-2027)
  • Market forecast: xEV power device Si substrate market (2021-2027)
  • Market forecast: xEV power device SiC substrate market (2021-2027)
  • Driving forces of global vehicle electrification
  • ‘Tesla Effect’ in global automotive industry
  • COVID-19 and other supply chain disruption on vehicle electrification
  • Supply chain analysis: global BEV/PHEV/HEV OEMs
  • Supply chain analysis: global system suppliers for xEVs
  • Supply chain analysis: global suppliers of Si power devices for xEVs
  • Supply chain analysis: FCEV players in the complete supply chain
  • Supply chain analysis: local supply chain in China (from OEMs to device suppliers)
  • BEV shifting focus to efficiency
  • Modularity approach in BEV platforms
  • E-axle integration
  • Integration of high voltage systems
  • 800V systems with market adoption forecast
  • Wide band gap materials (SiC & GaN) with market adoption forecast
  • Main inverter topology
  • Power electronics packaging
  • Inverter cost breakdown
  • Affordable BEVs
  • Hybrid technologies
  • Trends in e-motors, batteries, and charging systems

Product objectives:

  • In the report, the objective is to answer the following questions:
    • WHY is vehicle electrification so critical and WHY has it developed so rapidly in recent years?
      • Vehicle electrification is the intersection of two mega trends
      • Five long-term and two short-term driving forces identified
    • HOW will the market evolve?
      • Seven-year rolling forecasts on all levels of the supply chain: xEV > system > device > wafer markets
    • WHAT is the market situation?
      • Detailed supply chain summaries on all levels: market performance, major players, who-supplies-to-whom
      • Focus on China and the local supply chain
    • WHAT are the key technologies and business opportunities?
      • Shifting business paradigm enabled by new technologies at all levels
      • Thorough review of key technology advances for platform, integration, 800V, SiC and GaN.

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