Power GaN 2019: Epitaxy, Devices, Applications & Technology Trends

Yole Développement

First design-win for GaN HEMTs in the high-volume smartphone fast charging market

What’s new

  • Updated market segmentation from Yole Développement
  • Comprehensive analysis of the power supply segment, including consumer fast-charging and data center applications
  • Device segmentation for the global market, by discrete and power IC
  • Overview and competitive analysis of GaN-on-sapphire and GaN-on-Si technology platforms: at wafer, epiwafer, and device level
  • Analysis of the U.S.-China trade war’s impact on GaN’s relevant markets and supply chain evolution
  • Technology analysis and value chain impact, with different business models
  • Integration and packaging roadmap
  • Cost analysis


Key features of the report

  • In-depth analysis of GaN’s penetration in different applications, including consumer, industrial & telecom power supplies, PV, EV/HEV, UPS, LiDAR, and wireless power
  • Market projections for discrete and GaN IC devices in all applicative markets
  • State-of-the-art GaN power devices review, including product charts and device descriptions
  • Description of the GaN power industrial landscape, from epitaxy and device design to device processing
  • Discussion of GaN power market dynamics
  • Cutting-edge developments for power GaN packaging and integration
  • GaN reliability overview
  • Market projections for GaN epitaxy through 2024, by value and volume

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