Power Module Packaging 2018: Material Market and Technology Trends

Yole Développement

Power packaging is continuously adapting to power application market trends



  • Presentation of thermomechanical issues in power modules
  • 2017-2023 market value for the power electronics field and especially for power modules
  • Complete analysis of power module packaging design
  • Deep insight into each part of a standard power module package: substrate, baseplate, die attach, substrate attach, encapsulation and interconnections
  • Technology trends and roadmaps
  • Detailed analysis of thermal interface materials (TIMs)
  • Presentation of case studies and technological innovations
  • 2017-2023 market metrics and forecasts for each type of packaging component covering substrate, baseplate, die attach, substrate attach, encapsulation, interconnections and TIMs
  • Evolution of different business models among the packaging material suppliers ecosystem
  • Supply chain analysis and evolution trends
  • Complete presentation of Wide Band Gap device packaging
  • Conclusion on the packaging trends for the coming years



This report’s objectives are to:

  • Provide power module packaging market analysis and forecasts
  • Provide a deep insight into state-of-the-art package designs and materials
  • Describe the current packaging challenges for SiC and GaN Wide Band Gap devices
  • Identify the key technology trends that will shape the market in the future
  • Understand the main challenges and proposed innovations
  • Provide supply chain analysis and trends

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