Power SiC 2022

Yole Développement

The SiC market is anticipating incredible growth, with a new wave of capacity expansion and supply chain integration towards a $6.3B market in 2027

Key features

  • Deep understanding of SiC’s penetration in applications such as xEV, charging infrastructure, power supply, PV, UPS, motor drives, wind, and rail.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the SiC supply chain.
  • Description of the SiC power industrial landscape from materials to systems, as well as a discussion of the SiC power market’s dynamics.
  • SiC power market value projections to 2027, including device split by device type, package type, and voltage; wafer and epiwafer, split by wafer size.
  • SiC power industry roadmap and technology trends.

What’s new

  • Market forecast and trends to 2027
  • Analysis of the business integration strategies of major players
  • Roadmap of SiC technology in various applications
  • Analysis of the demand and supply of SiC wafers
  • Focus on CAPEX plans of key SiC players
  • Company profiles of major players, new entrants, and innovative solutions in crystal growth, wafering process, and new business models
  • Geographical development and backgrounds of SiC players in China
  • Analysis of SiC module packaging, applied technologies, and trends

Product objectives

  • To provide the market’s context and forecast to 2027:
    • What are the key market drivers?
    • What are the market value and volume?
  • To review the SiC supply chain:
    • Players and strategies applied in the supply chain
    • Analysis regarding supply and demand of SiC wafers
    • Significant events and latest trends of market players
    • The focus of development in different regions
  • Technology trends and status of currently available products:
    • What technologies are being developed?
    • Who has the technologies and products?
  • To provide an overall view of the global SiC business, with special focus on emerging markets and innovations.

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