RF GaN 2019 – Patent Landscape Analysis


The RF GaN market is developing fast, driven by mm-wave, 5G and defense applications. Do current leading market players have the right IP portfolios to face huge opportunities for GaN devices?

Key features of the report

  • See the competitive landscape from a patent perspective, offering a very complementary vision to market research.
  • Identify key patent owners, their IP and technology strategies and their future intents.
  • Discover new entrants, their technologies and market areas.
  • Know competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of patents and technologies.
  • Be ahead of technology trends, identify emerging technologies and know key technical solutions to solve hot technical issues.
  • Identify free technologies which can be used safely and to mitigate the risks of patent infringement.
  • Identify technologies to acquire and potential R&D partners.
  • Benefit from a useful Excel database with all patents analyzed in the report, including technology segmentation.

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