Sensing and Computing for ADAS Vehicle 2020

Yole Développement

Advanced Driver Assistance System functionality will attract customers and restart growth of the automotive business.


  • Market data on key sensors, camera, LiDAR and radar:
    • Revenue forecast and volume shipments for each sensor type
    • Market shares with detailed breakdown by player
    • Application focus of each sensor
  • In-depth understanding of the main sensor value chain, infrastructure and players:
    • Who are the sensor players and how they are related?
    • What is the supply chain of these sensors?
  • Key technical insights and analysis regarding future technology trends and challenges:
    • Have a deep understanding of how these sensors work together in a car
    • Analysis of the electric/electronic (E/E) architecture of a car and how it will evolve
  • Analysis of the COVID19’s impact on the industry

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