Solid Electrolytes For Li-ion Solid-State Batteries – Technology and Patent Analysis 2019


Solid electrolyte material is the key ingredient in solid-state batteries. This patent analysis will empower your understanding of the main R&D trends and competitors’ technological strategies found in the solid electrolyte materials jungle.

Key features of the report

  • IP trends, including time-evolution of published patents, legal status, countries of patent filings, etc.
  • Ranking of main patent assignees
  • Patent categorization by type of electrolyte (polymer, inorganic, inorganic/polymer) and inorganic electrolyte materials (sulfide glass ceramics, Thio-LISICON, argyrodite, oxide glass ceramics, NASICON, perovskite, garnet, anti-perovskite, hydride)
  • For each technical segment: IP dynamics, ranking of main patent assignees, newcomers, key IP players (leadership, blocking potential, portfolio strength), key patents, and recent development trends
  • For each key IP player (100+ companies): Time-evolution of patenting activity, legal status of patents and countries of patent filings, patent segmentation by electrolyte material, IP strengths and weaknesses by electrolyte material
  • Excel database containing all patents analyzed in this report, including technology and material segmentations

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