Solid-state Battery 2018

Yole Développement

A feasible way towards safer, better-performing batteries?



  • 2018 – 2025 market forecast in MWh for solid-state lithium-ion batteries, along with applications roadmap
  • Overview of solid-state battery’s main applications, Li-ion battery’s current positioning, and solid-state battery’s value proposition
  • Analysis of solid-state battery’s main advantages, as well as the remaining key challenges for solidstate battery commercialization
  • Proposal of different approaches for solid-state battery’s’ commercial introduction
  • Solid-state battery supply chain analysis



This report’s objectives are to:

  • Offer deep insight into the key drivers and value proposition of solid-state battery technologies, compared to conventional Li-ion batteries
  • Provide an analysis of the remaining challenges to bringing solid-state battery to commercialization
  • Present the main applications and different approaches for solid-state battery commercialization
  • Furnish a market forecast for solid-state battery
  • Deliver an overview of different solid-state electrolyte materials and manufacturing methods for solid-state battery cells
  • Identify the solid-state battery supply chain’s main trends. Provide a detailed analysis of the supply chain, including main R&D and industrial players, partnerships, and business approaches.

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