Solid-State Medical Imaging 2017

Yole Développement

Advanced solid-state technologies are disrupting the medical imaging industry



This report has a broader focus with additional modalities: molecular imaging, computed tomography, optical coherence tomography, and ultrasound

  • Application-oriented report
  • Market forecast 2015 – 2022
  • Major news and M&As since the last report
  • New technology trends and roadmaps for each modality
  • New players and new industrial supply chain
  • Additional value chain information for major products
  • Review of advanced packaging solutions for medical camera modules


  • Overview of the selected solid-state technologies and trends for medical imaging modalities included in this report
  • Market forecast for solid-state IC by modalities, as well as for the solid-state IC market (CMOS image sensors, a-Si TFT flat panel, CCD imagers, silicon photomultipliers, silicon photodiode array, etc.)
  • Major players, supply chain, and mapping
  • Market drivers and technology trends, by medical imaging modalities
  • Roadmap for imaging modalities
  • Market share at sensor and medical device levels


1.    Provide relevant data for key medical image sensor market metrics and dynamics:

  • Shipments, revenue, and wafer production by application and technology
  • Major solid-state, IC-based product player market share

2.    Offer key technical insights regarding future technology trends and challenges:

  • From a technological standpoint: design and manufacturing innovations
  • From an applicative standpoint: new applications and key market drivers

3.    Deliver an in-depth understanding of the medical imaging value chain, infrastructure, and players:

  • Who are the players (IDMs, foundries, design houses, OEMs) and how are they related?
  • What is currently happening in the imaging sensor supply chain?

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