Status of Advanced Substrates 2019

Yole Développement

Demands from the new digital age are waking up the sleeping substrate giants.

What’s new

  • FC BGA substrate capacity is running short in supply
  • FC CSP is still growing, driven by DRAM
  • New SLP applications other than smartphones
  • Latest adoption of embedded die package
  • Substrate manufacturers are switching to mSAP
  • China consolidating its substrate manufacturing market

Reports key features

  • Advanced IC substrate with focus on FC CSP & BGA, and the impact of FO on these markets. Players, supply chain, roadmaps and forecasts with FC CSP/BGA and FO breakdown, market shares for each player
  • SLP, with a focus on Huawei as a new user and for mobile, smartwatches and tablets. Players, supply chains, roadmaps and forecasts broken down by board type and application. New process flow overview
  • Embedded die, with a focus on automotive, telecom and infrastructure markets. Players, supply chain, roadmaps and forecasts, broken down by market
  • Financial analysis of top 10 substrate makers’ revenue and net income
  • China’s environmental regulations and their impact on substrate manufacturing

Report objectives 

  • Show the impact of the global semiconductor market trend on the substrate manufacturing
  • Outline three advanced substrate platforms: Advanced IC substrates, substrate-like PCB and embedded die
  • Provide an overview of the markets trends and drivers pushing the innovation in substrate manufacturing
  • Update market data and forecasts for the three advanced substrate platforms
  • Describe the markets and key applications that are using/will use such advanced substrate solutions
  • Identify the main players and supply chain for advanced substrate manufacturing
  • Predict future applications where technology such as SLP and ED can be adopted

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