Status of CMOS Image Sensor Industry 2020

Yole Développement

The CIS industry overheated in 2019 reaching $19.3B. Are we heading to a soft landing in 2020-2021?

What’s new

  • 2019-2025 forecast
  • 2019 M&A activity
  • Ecosystem update 2018-2020
  • Multiple and 3D camera trend for mobile
  • Mobile application and technology update
  • Consumer, automotive, security applications

Key features of the report

  • 2019 CIS revenue breakdown by market
  • 2019 CIS revenue ranking by player
  • 2019 CIS production ranking by foundry
  • 2015-2025 CIS volume shipment forecast by application
  • 2015-2025 CIS revenue forecast by application
  • 2015-2025 CIS average selling price forecast by application
  • 2015-2025 CIS wafer production forecast by application

Objectives of the report

Ecosystem identification and analysis:

  • Determination of the application range
  • Technical market segmentation
  • Market trends and forecasts
  • Key players, by market and analysis

Analysis and description of markets and technologies involved:

  • Detailed applications per market segment
  • Major global actors
  • Technology trends
  • Main technical challenges

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