Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry 2021

Yole Développement

Advanced Packaging is now of strategic importance for IDMs, foundries, and OSATs, leading to more than US$10 billion in investment.

What’s new :

  • Updated forecast of the semiconductor market, including memory and non-memory components
  • Key system-level demand forecast: mobile & consumer, automotive, telecom & infrastructure
  • Update of our advanced packaging market data (2020 – 2026):
    • By revenue, wafer, and unit forecasts
    • By advanced packaging platform: flip-chip, fan-out, fan-in, 3D stacked, embedded die
  • Analysis of the “U.S. – China effect” on the semiconductor industry and supply chain
  • Updated 2020 – 2026 revenue, wafer, and unit forecasts, by various application segments: consumer & mobile, automotive & transportation, telecom & infrastructure, medical, industrial, defense & aerospace
  • Revised supply chain analysis, with a focus on the impact of foundries entering the advanced packaging business
  • Wafer-starts market shares and evolution by manufacturers from different business models (IDM, OSAT, foundry) and by various
    advanced packaging platforms
  • Amended financial analysis of the top 26 OSATs (2013 -2020) by various parameters: revenue, YoY growth, R&D, CapEx, gross profit, gross margin, net income, etc.
  • M&A data update and different scenarios for OSATs, covering 2020-2026

Objectives of the report:

The “Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry” is a yearly overview report. The objectives of the report are as follows:

Advanced packaging market overview

  • Drivers and dynamics
  • Future applications
  • Disruptions and opportunities

Technology trends and forecasts

  • Revenue, wafer, and unit forecasts by platform
  • Future developments by platform
  • Impact of front-end scaling
  • Scaling and functional roadmap

Supply chain analysis

  • Overview of production by player (IDM, OSAT, foundry)
  • Shifting business models
  • Financial analysis of TOP 26 OSATs

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