Status of the Battery Patents – Patenting Activity Status


The battery domain combines major markets with an increasing and diversifying number of innovations and involved companies. What were the main patents, technologies and competitive trends in 2017?



  • Categorization of patents
    > By supply chain segment: electrolyte, separator, electrode, cell, pack/system
    > By battery technology: Li-ion, Ni-MH, Redox Flow, Li-Air, Li-S, Na-ion and Mg-ion
  • 1997-2017 worldwide IP dynamics by supply chain segment and battery technology
  • Overview of the 2017 worldwide patenting activity for each supply chain segment and each battery technology
    > New patent applications
    > New granted patents
    > Expired or revoked patents
  • Ranking of main patent applicants by supply chain segment and battery technology
    > For 1997-2017 period
    > For patents published in 2017
    > For patents granted in 2017
    > For patent expired in 2017
  • Notable patents newly published, granted or expired in 2017
    > For battery cells morphology: microbatteries, flexible batteries, solid-state batteries
    > For battery technologies: Li-ion, Ni-MH, Redox Flow, Li-Air, Li-S, Na-ion, Mg-ion
    > For electrode materials of Li-ion battery: lithium, silicon, LTO, graphene, NMC, LCO, LFP, NCA, LMO
  • Main development trends by battery technology
  • Noteworthy 2017 news on patent litigation
  • Excel database with key patents analyzed in this study, including technology segmentation.

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