Status of the Camera Module Industry 2019 – Focus on Wafer Level Optics

Yole Développement

CMOS Camera Modules (CCM) have become a key sensor technology – what are the dynamics and strategies in this highly competitive market?

Key features

  • Updated forecasts
  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Technology update
  • New trends and applications
  • Special focus on Wafer Level Optics (WLO)

What’s new

  • Cost erosion analysis
  • Resolution of dual cameras
  • 3D sensing penetration rate
  • Illumination modules

Objectives of the report

  • To provide market data on key CCM metrics and dynamics:
    • CCM revenue forecast, volume shipments and component share
    • Market share with detailed breakdown by player
    • To provide in-depth understanding of the CCM value chain, infrastructure and players
    • Who are the CCM players (CIS manufacturers, CCM manufacturers, Optics manufacturers…) and how they are related?
  • To provide key technical insight and analysis about future technology trends and challenges:
    • Manufacturing technologies: design structure
    • Device technologies: CCM application across markets
    • Technology focus on game changing areas such as OIS and dual cameras

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