Status of the Inverter Industry 2019

Yole Développement

Motor drive still powers the inverter market, with EV/HEV positively impacting overall market dynamics.

What’s new

  • In-depth market dynamics analysis, by segment: EV/HEV, rail, photovoltaics, wind, grid, charging infrastructure, motor drives, and UPS
  • Market forecast updates for the different segments
  • Inverter-related supply chain synergies in between different segments
  • Update of full supply chain dynamics for the different segments, including supply chain movement trends
  • Mergers & acquisitions at inverter/ system level
  • Power stack business model
  • Harsh environments for inverters
  • Wide band-gap inverter – trends update


Key features of the report

  • Motor drive continues to be the inverter market’s largest segment, with about the 50% of the market in $ M
  • In terms of excellence, EV/HEV will be the driving market for power electronics for the next several years. Many investments and efforts to develop high-quality, high performance inverters are underway
  • The number of public and private EV charging points is growing rapidly. Many players from different business areas are entering the charging business.
  • Ample HVDC lines are being deployed to connect electricity generation sites with regions that have high energy demand
  • PV installations keep increasing annually, even though subsidies in China (the world’s largest PV installer) decreased in 2018
  • Over the last three years we have seen many big mergers & acquisitions for the purpose of gaining more share of a single business, or to diversify business


Objectives of the report

  • Provide an overview of the main applications for inverters and its market value
  • Identify the key drivers that will shape the future market
  • Understand the dynamics of each market segment and the synergies between them
  • Deliver an overview of the power inverter supply chain (devices, modules, inverters, and system level)
  • Offer an overview of inverter/system leaders, by segment
  • Analyze the shifting of business models, synergies with other industries, and opportunities for newcomers in the inverter segment
  • Furnish an analysis of each inverter technology trend, by application

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