Status of the Memory Industry 2019

Yole Développement

A 360˚  analysis of the memory industry and its competitive landscape.

Reports key features

  • Overview of the stand-alone memory market and related technologies, including NAND, DRAM, NVDIMM, (NV)SRAM, NOR, emerging NVM, and more
  • Analysis of the memory market from a system point of view, detailing present and future memory needs for servers, smartphones, personal computers, enterprise/client SSDs, and vehicles
  • Description of the most important end-markets for stand-alone memory, i.e. datacenters, mobile, automotive, PC and consumer electronics
  • Presentation of mainstream and emerging stand-alone memory technologies, along with technical trends and challenges, market evolution, scaling roadmap, and overview of main players
  • Financial analysis of key memory companies such as Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron, mapping of the stand-alone memory supply chain, and analysis of recent M&A and joint ventures
  • Description of the China memory landscape, and analysis of the Chinese players’ activities in the fields of NAND, DRAM, NOR, and emerging NVM
  • Presentation of packaging solutions for memory devices, and description of emerging packaging technologies and market trends
  • Overview of embedded memory technology and progress towards processing-in-memory applications

Report objectives 

  • Present an overview of the stand-alone memory market:
    • NAND, DRAM, NOR, (NV)SRAM, 3D XPoint, and more
    • Current technological status and roadmap for the coming years
    • Competitive landscape, activities and strategies of key market players
  • Provide an understanding of stand-alone memory technologies and applications:
    • Roadmaps with technology nodes, product development status, chip-density evolution, scaling challenges and potential solutions
    • Main memory end-markets: datacenter, mobile, automotive, PC and consumer electronics
    • Memory content evolution in key systems: servers, smartphones, personal computers, vehicles, client and enterprise SSDs
  • Deliver market forecasts for the stand-alone memory businesses:
    • Market forecast for 2018-2024 for established and emerging stand-alone memory technologies
    • Detailed NAND and DRAM market forecasts for 2018-2024: revenues and CAPEX by players, price per bit, market shares, bit demand, bit shipments, wafer production, and more
  • Detail and analyze the competitive landscape:
    • Financial analysis: revenues, CAPEX, R&D, operating costs and margins of key memory companies
    • Recent acquisitions and funding
    • Latest company news

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