Status of the Memory Industry 2020

Yole Développement

The entrance of Chinese players and the rise of new technical solutions are poised to trigger profound changes in the memory business.


What’s new

  • Analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the stand-alone memory market: effect on demand, bit shipments, and CAPEX
  • Updated market forecast (2019 – 2025) for NAND and DRAM markets, considering COVID-19’s effect and the entrance of new players from China
  • Overview of the NOR memory business: players, growth drivers, density-dependent applications, market share, ASP, revenue, and more
  • Updated financial analysis of leading IDM companies – including Samsung, SK hynix, Kioxia, Western Digital, Micron, and Intel
  • Updated list of Chinese memory players and detailed presentation of their activities in the DRAM, NAND, NOR, and emerging NVM businesses

Key features

  • Summary of the stand-alone memory market and related technologies, including NAND, DRAM, persistent memory, NOR, (NV)SRAM, emerging NVM, and more
  • Description of technical trends and challenges, scaling roadmaps, and overview of main players for standalone memory technologies
  • Breakdown of the memory market from a system point of view, detailing present and future memory needs for servers, smartphones, personal computers, enterprise/client SSDs, and vehicles
  • Profile of the most important endmarkets for stand-alone memory, i.e. datacenters, mobile, automotive, PC, and consumer electronics
  • Presentation of packaging solutions for memory devices, and description of emerging packaging technologies and market trends
  • Overview of embedded memory technology and progress towards in-memory computing applications
  • Mapping of the stand-alone memory supply chain, analysis of recent M&A and joint ventures, list of noteworthy news, and company announcements in 2019 – 2020

Report objectives

  • Provide an understanding of standalone memory technologies and applications:
    • Roadmaps with technology nodes, product development status, chip density, scaling challenges, and potential solutions
    • Memory content evolution in key systems: servers, smartphones, personal computers, vehicles, enterprise, and client SSDs
    • Main memory end-markets: datacenter, mobile, automotive, PC, and consumer electronics
  • Offer market forecasts for the standalone memory business:
    • Market forecast (2019 – 2025) for NOR, (NV)SRAM, and other technologies including PCM, MRAM, and RRAM
    • Market forecast (2019 – 2025) for NAND and DRAM, with details on capex by players, price per bit, market share, bit demand, bit shipments, wafer production, and more.
  • Detail and analyze the competitive landscape:
    • Financial analysis: key memory companies’ revenue, capex, R&D, operating costs, and margins
    • Recent mergers and acquisitions, start-up funding, and latest company news

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