Status of the Memory Industry 2021

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NAND consolidation, China’s bet on two key players, the rise of the CXL interface: as the memory business narrows, the market keeps growing and is poised to exceed $200B in 2026.

The report will be available from June 21th, 2021.

What’s new :

  • Analysis of wafer production, bit shipments, CAPEX, and memory demand in the post-pandemic era
  • Description and analysis of storage drives and memory modules with their key protocols and interfaces (e.g., DDR5, HBM2E, CXL)
  • Updated market forecast (2020 – 2026) for NAND and DRAM, considering the impact of trade wars and the rise of new players from China
  • Update on the NOR Flash memory business: supply-demand dynamics, players, growth drivers, applications, market shares, revenue, and more
  • Updated financial analysis of leading IDM companies – including Samsung, SK hynix, Kioxia, Western Digital, Micron, and Intel
  • Updated list of Chinese memory players and detail of their activities in the DRAM, NAND, NOR, and emerging NVM businesses

Report’s key features:

  • Summary of the stand-alone memory market and related technologies, including NAND, DRAM, persistent memory, computational storage, NOR, (NV)SRAM, emerging NVM, and more
  • Description of technical trends and manufacturing challenges, scaling roadmaps, and players
  • Overview of the storage drive and memory-module businesses
  • Breakdown of the memory market from a system point of view, detailing present and future memory needs for servers, smartphones, personal computers, enterprise/client SSDs, and vehicles
  • Profile of the most important end-markets for stand-alone memory, i.e., data centers, mobile, automotive, PC, and consumer electronics
  • Overview of embedded memory technology and progress towards in-memory computing applications
  • Mapping of the stand-alone memory supply chain, analysis of recent M&A and joint ventures, and list of noteworthy news

Objectives of the report:

Present an overview of the stand-alone memory market:

  • NAND, DRAM, NOR, 3D XPoint, (NV)SRAM, and more
  • Competitive landscape, activities, and strategies of key market players

Provide an understanding of stand-alone memory technologies and applications:

  • Roadmaps with technology nodes, product development status, chip density, scaling challenges, and potential solutions
  • Memory content evolution in key systems: servers, smartphones, PC, vehicles, and SSDs
  • Main memory end-markets: data center, mobile, automotive, PC, and consumer electronics

Offer market forecasts for the stand-alone memory business:

  • Market forecast (2020 – 2026) for NOR, (NV)SRAM, and other technologies, including emerging NVM
  • Market forecast (2020 – 2026) for NAND and DRAM, with details on CAPEX by player, price per bit, market share, bit demand, bit shipments, wafer production, and more

Detail and analyze the competitive landscape:

  • Financial analysis: key memory companies’ revenue, CAPEX, R&D, operating costs, and margins
  • Supply chain mapping from materials/equipment manufacturers to storage drive and memory module makers

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