Status of the MEMS Industry 2019

Yole Développement

What does the future hold for the MEMS Industry?

What’s new

  • Updated market forecasts (in US$ and units) for the period 2018 – 2024
  • Up-to-date analysis of more than 160 different MEMS applications in seven different markets (consumer, automotive, telecom, medical, industrial, defense, aeronautics) and more than 15 different devices
    (inertial, microphones, pressure, etc.)
  • 2018 estimates for sensor manufacturers’ market share and evolution
  • Latest industry news
  • Current technology trends

Report objectives

  • A global view of the future for MEMS, sensors, and actuators
  • An understanding of the MEMS, sensor, and actuator markets and applications
  • MEMS and sensor players’ dynamics and ranking
  • MEMS market data in $M, units, and wafers for 2018 – 2024
  • Information on future MEMS devices
  • A presentation of MEMS game-changers and industry trends
  • A MEMS applications overview: automotive, consumer, defense and aeronautics, medical, industrial, and telecommunications
  • A MEMS financial analysis

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