Status of the MEMS Industry 2020

Yole Développement

Edge processing and subsequently computing will boost the MEMS market. Will manufacturers have access to the new MEMS added value?


  • Effect of COVID-19 in MEMS markets
  • Updated market forecasts in $ and units for the period 2019–2025
  • Up-to-date analysis of more than 15 different devices, including inertial, microphones and pressure in six different markets, including consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, telecom, defense and aerospace
  • 2019 estimates for sensor manufacturers’ market share and evolution
  • Latest market trends by end-market and device type
  • Technology trends at the manufacturing level, device level and software/processing level


This report is an update of Yole Développement (Yole) best-selling “Status of the MEMS Industry” report, which was first released in 2004. This latest edition is an updated version with some minor revamping of 2019 volumes/ASP/market sizes.
The analysis and market consolidation/ forecasts were done during May 2020 using Yole’s database, with the effect and hypotheses regarding COVID-19, dating end of April 2020. The report was finalized end of June 2020. Therefore, the data that you will find in this report is the best available data to date. This report summarizes the status of the 2020 MEMS industry in a thorough manner, taking into account the trends for each application separately as well as the effect of COVID-19.

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