Status of the Microfluidics Industry 2019

Yole Développement

Diversification of microfluidic technologies has led to burgeoning new applications and market growth, driving players’ interest and M&A.

What’s new

  • Updated 2017 – 2024 market data and forecasts (in $US and units) for microfluidic devices and products, along with material mix analysis
  • Evolution and estimated 2018 microfluidic players’ market share at fab level and end-product level
  • Breakdown of the latest industry moves (M&A, fundraising), market and technology trends and evolutions, and potential acquisition targets
  • Updated information, by microfluidic market segment
  • Review of new, promising applications for microfluidic technologies (including a focus on biotechnology applications)
  • Comprehensive supply chain analysis

Key features of the report

  • Provide a global view of the future for microfluidic devices and products
  • Establish an understanding of every microfluidics application, with an overview of the main players per application
  • Analyze microfluidic players’ dynamics and ranking, and understand the latest industry trends, strategic moves, and business models’ evolutions
  • Furnish 2017 and 2018 market data for microfluidic products and devices, along with 2019 – 2024 forecasts in units and $US
  • Explore technology, materials, and manufacturing trends
  • Explain how the supply chain is organized and how value is distributed across it

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