Status of the Power Electronics Industry 2018

Yole Développement

EV/HEV, motor drives, computing and storage propel power electronics market growth, from devices to passives, packaging and integration



  • Update on power electronics wafer level market from 2017 to 2023
  • Update on power electronics major discrete and module segments including IGBT, MOSFET and Power IC from 2017 to 2023
  • Update of power electronics inverter market from 2017 to 2023
  • Market and technology trends for each power electronics application
  • Focus on EV/HEV market and technology trends
  • Passive components, batteries, power stack technological trends
  • Harsh environments and thermal management in power electronics
  • Focus on packaging trends
  • Wide band gap section update, with GaN and SiC market
  • Other compound semiconductors for power electronics
  • Company profile updates with 2017 revenues and key features
  • Power electronics player ranking and landscape analysis for 201
  • Analysis of the latest M&A activity



  • The power electronics semiconductor market reached $32.7B in 2017 and we expect the growth to continue in 2018
  • The IGBT market grew 11.7% from 2016 to 2017. In 2018, IGBTs are expecting similarly spectacular growth, higher than 10%
  • EV/HEV growth is confirmed,making this the dominant segment for technology innovation
  • Solutions for thermal management and harsh environments are attracting increasing interest
  • The entrance of SiC and GaN devices will grab market share from silicon
  • The PV market will drop from 2018 due to cut of subsidies in China but is expected to progressively recover
  • Yole Développement’s analysts expect the power module market to take share from discrete devices



This report’s objectives are to:

  • Assess the market for wafers, devices, modules and inverters
  • Understand the market dynamics for the whole power electronics industry
  • Identify the key drivers that will shape the market in the future
  • To have an overview on the different components used in power electronics and its integration
  • Understand the main technological challenges to overcome and the solutions developed so far
  • Provide a clear overview of the different applications driving the power electronics business
  • Present data ranking the power electronics industry leaders, describing supply chain consolidation, the latest M&A activity and future trends in the power player landscape

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