System-in-Package Technology and Market Trends 2021

Yole Développement

Through enabling design and supply chain agility, SiP will reach $19B by 2026, with IDMs, OSATs, and foundries taking advantage of it.

The report will be available from August 2, 2021.

What’s new :

  • Updated System-in-Package (SiP) forecast from 2020-2026
  • Updated SiP supplier market shares
  • Updated SiP application mix
  • Updated new RF modules & teardowns on SiP packaging structure
  • Updated teardowns of latest mobile phones & analysis

Report’s key features:

  • SiP market forecast by package units
  • SiP market breakdown (units & revenue)
  • Combined SiP forecast and market breakdown
  • RF-SiP market in units and revenue
  • Fan-Out SiP market forecast
  • Embedded die SiP market forecast
  • Flip chip/Wirebond SiP technology trends
  • Fan-Out SiP key market applications

Objectives of the report:

  • Describe technologies that can be classified as “System-in-Package”
  • Identify and detail the SiP platform’s key process steps
  • Analyze the supply chain for SiP technologies
  • For these steps, provide a market forecast for the coming years and a prediction of future trends

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