Trends in Automotive Packaging 2018

Yole Développement

OSATs are gaining benefits from advanced packaging in automotive.



  • Introduction about the differences between automotive and consumer markets, based on our advanced packaging industry analysis
  • Analysis of packaging technologies that are implemented or will be developed for the automotive industry
  • Packaging trends in the automotive devices
  • Adoption of new technologies takes duration based on specifications and norms
  • Advanced packaging market forecast with breakdown by platform and application
  • Players of the advanced packaging supply chain involved in the automotive industry
  • Market forcast in units and revenue split by application and platform



  • Identify and analyze the major advanced packaging platforms currently used in the automotive industry
  • Point out advanced packaging technical trends related to LiDAR, CIS, radar, power and lighting devices, MEMS and sensors…
  • Understand the impact of automotive regulations and specifications on packaging development
  • Present a detailed technology roadmap for advanced packaging platforms for automotive applications
  • Identify the market drivers, disruptions and business opportunities
  • Analyze key benefits and added value of emerging advanced packaging platforms
  • Detail the automotive industry supply chain, with a focus on IDMs and OSATs and the competitive landscape
  • Give an overview of who is doing what, and specificities of each market segment

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