TSV Stacked Memory Patent Landscape Analysis


An emerging market with leading industrials and first patent litigations; Who owns what ?




  • IP trends including time evolution of patent publications and patent filings countries
  • Current legal status of patents (granted, pending application, abandoned, expired)
  • Main patent assignees (ranking, time evolution, geographical coverage)
  • Joint developments and IP collaboration network of main patent assignees
  • Key patents
  • Profile of 5 key players (Samsung, Toshiba, Micron Technology, SK Hynix, Intel), including:
    • Technology and market data for TSV stacked memory
    • Key patents
    • Cross link analysis between teardown analysis, process flow and owned patents for each critical process points
    • Technical challenges and relevant solutions found in the patents: error repair, multi-channel package, thermal dissipation, alignment accuracy, connection failure
    • Patent litigations (ELM 3DS vs SK Hynix/Micron/Samsung)
  • Excel database with all patents analyzed for the 5 key players, including technology segmentation

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