UV LEDs – Market and Technology Trends 2020

Yole Développement

UVC LEDs are one solution to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly making the market increase tenfold and reach $2.5B in 2025.

What’s new

  • Analysis of COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the UV LED business
  • Analysis of UVC LED market by disinfection application: water, air, and surface
  • Analysis of UVC LED manufacturing cost

Key features of the report

  • Analysis of main UV LED applications, with in-depth focus on UV curing and UV disinfection
  • UV LED industry analysis, with strong focus on UVC LEDs
  • UV LED performance and price analysis
  • UV LED technology manufacturing analysis
  • UV LED market forecast for 2008-2025, with in-depth analysis for UVC LEDs

Objectives of the report

  • Analysis COVID-19’s impact on UV LED landscape including use-cases and market opportunity
  • Review the global UV LED industry and provide insights into the modification of the value and supply chains following the penetration of this disruptive technology
  • Understand the current status of UV LED manufacturing and analyze the performance and price roadmap
  • Analyze the UV curing and UV disinfection industry, their different applications, and associated characteristics

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