VCSELs – Market and Technology Trends 2019

Yole Développement

New functionalities in smartphone and automotive are boosting the VCSEL market.

What’s new

  • In-depth supply chain analysis
  • Analysis of epitaxy start-ups and small VCSEL companies
  • Smartphone 3D sensing roadmaps, for front side and rear side
  • Analysis of next-generation optics associated with VCSELs
  • Focus on LiDAR opportunities for VCSELs

Key features of the report

  • Market volume and revenue 2018 – 2024
  • Industry analysis, from epiwafer to system
  • VCSEL manufacturing analysis
  • VCSEL specification and cost analysis
  • Analysis of 3D sensing’s entry barriers

Objectives of the report

Provide market data for different VCSEL applications:

  • Volume and revenue, by application and market segment
  • Average selling price (ASP) and expected evolution
  • Ranking of the top five VCSEL manufacturers

Offer a deep understanding of the VCSEL business value chain, players, and trends:

  • Global list of VCSEL manufacturers
  • Supply chain information for mobile applications: who supplies whom
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Comparison of VCSELs used in mobile applications

Give insights into manufacturing and associated challenges

  • What is a VCSEL?
  • Analysis of epiwafer players
  • Thoughts on critical steps in VCSEL manufacturing


Report available from June 13.

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