VCSELs – Technology and Market Trends 2021

Yole Développement

Worth $2.4B in 2026, the VCSEL market is seeing huge technology changes and a new equilibrium for industrial suppliers linked to recent acquisitions.

What’s new

  • Insights into the VCSEL manufacturing process from epitaxy to packaging
  • Insights into the development of new technologies toward long-wavelengths and multi-junction VCSELs
  • Focus on VCSEL drivers with technology insights, interaction with other components and their integration
  • Insights into augmented reality for mobile and consumer applications

Report’s key features

  • VCSEL market volume and revenue 2017–2026
  • Analysis of visible and NIR VCSEL industry
  • Analysis of VCSEL technology for mobile and consumer products
  • VCSEL ecosystem analysis
  • VCSEL driver technology analysis
  • VCSEL opportunities for automotive and industrial applications


Objectives of the report

  • Provide market data on different VCSEL applications
    • Volume and revenue by application and market segment
    • Average selling price (ASP) and expected developments
    • Ranking of the top five VCSEL manufacturers
  • Deliver an in-depth understanding of the VCSEL business value chain, players and trends:
    • List of VCSEL manufacturers
    • Supply chain information for mobile and automotive applications
    • Supply chain analysis
    • Analysis of VCSEL drivers
  • Give insights into manufacturing and associated challenges
    • What is a VCSEL?
    • Analysis of the visible and NIR VCSEL industries
    • Insights into critical steps in VCSEL manufacturing

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