Wearables in Consumer and Medical Applications 2020

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How wearables will add nearly $100B to the consumer and medical electronics market in 2025, offering new opportunities to sensors.

What’s news

  • Update of the wearable report 2015 for consumer and medical applications
  • New trends in the consumer and medical sector transformation
  • Comparison between 2014 and 2019 market and forecast for 2025
  • Roadmaps on wearable functions and related sensors
  • Company market shares by wearable types
  • Introduction to AI for wearables

Key Features

  • Market data and forecast 2019-2025 in volume and revenue of global wearable systems:
    • By products, including smartwatches, fitness trackers, earbuds, and CGM sensors
    • By type, including head-worn, wrist-worn, body-worn and smart clothing
  • Market data and forecast 2019-2025 in volume and revenues of global wearable sensors, including inertial sensors, microphones, PPG sensor modules, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors and pressure sensors
  • Market dynamics including CAGR2019-2025 at wearable type level and at sensor level • Wearable market comparison in 2014 and 2019, forecast 2025
  • Wearable OEM player market shares 2019 including total market and by product type
  • Sensor player market shares 2019 by design win
  • Wearable function and sensor roadmaps

Report Objectves

  • Examine global wearable device market trends, competitive forces and dynamics, and market drivers
  • Offer an applications overview of wearables for consumer and medical wearables
  • Describe which sensors are used in which types of wearable systems
  • Provide an overview of the main players at system and sensor level of the supply chain, with market shares
  • Furnish market comparison and projections for 2018–2025
  • Identify new functions and related sensors and technology requirements
  • Deliver an overview of emerging wearable applications

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