Wireless Connectivity RF Front-End Technologies for Consumer Market 2021

Yole Développement

The RF front-end connectivity market will exceed $4B by 2026, driven by growth in volumes and in the RF BoM.


Key features of the report:

  • Executive summary
  • Market forecasts
    • System-level forecast
    • RF component level forecast
    • Wafer starts
  • Consumer wearables market trends
    • TWS earbuds and wireless headsets
    • Smart-watches and fitness bands
    • AR/VR headsets
  • Customer premises equipment market dynamics and trends
    • Consumer routers
    • Extenders/repeaters and mesh Wi-Fi systems
    • Mobile 4G/5G hotspot routers
  • Mobile consumer market dynamics and trends
    • Laptops
    • Tablets & smartphones
  • Market shares
    • End system market shares
    • RF component suppliers’ market rankings
    • Ecosystem and technology landscape
  • Technology trends
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth and UWB
    • Technology and components


Objectives of the report:

E-commerce, virtual events, and working-from-home proved that broadband and Wi-Fi are vital for our lives and economy.
Although 5G has been getting a lot of attention lately and is expected to improve some of these issues, it does not mean that there aren’t other developments happening in the “background”. There have been several advancements in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ultra-wideband in recent years. These standards changes will significantly propel the connectivity market and the RF components market with it, thus creating a massive opportunity for the industry players. This report will investigate the consumer connectivity dedicated RF components in several markets such as :

  • 1. Consumer premises equipment
  • 2. Wearables
  • 3. Mobile Consumer ( laptops, tablets & smartphones)

We will also provide examples of RF architecture and evolution for each device on this list.



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