Camera Module Industry Market and Technology Trends 2017

Yole Développement

New technologies and applications have restructured the Compact Camera Module industry



  • 2016-2022 forecast
  • Ecosystem update
  • Penetration of AF & OIS technology
  • Penetration of dual and 3D cameras technology
  • Automotive camera market growth
  • Security camera market growth



  • 2016 camera module market share (in %)
  • 2016 sensor for CCM market share (in %)
  • 2016 lens for CCM market share (in %)
  • 2016 autofocus & OIS for CCM market share (in %)
  • CCM volume shipment forecast by application 2012-2022
  • CCM average selling price forecast by application 2012-2022
  • CCM revenue forecast by application 2012-2022



To provide market data on key CCM metrics & dynamics

  • CCM revenue forecast, volume shipments and component share
  • Market share with detailed breakdown by player
  • Application focus on key areas of growth for CCM: mobile and automotive

To provide in-depth understanding of the CCM value chain, infrastructure & players

  • Who are the CCM players (CIS manufacturers, CCM manufacturer, optics manufacturer…) and how they are related?
  • Who are the key suppliers to watch and more generally how will the camera module industry evolve

To provide key technical insight & analysis about future technology trends and challenges

  • Manufacturing technologies: design structure
  • Device technologies: CCM application across markets
  • Technology focus on game changing areas such as OIS and WLC

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