RF Acoustic Wave Filters Patent Landscape Analysis


SAW and BAW filters are key components of today’s mobile communication modules thanks to their small size, low cost and high performance. But who has the best IP position for the upcoming 5G protocol



  • IP trends, including time evolution of published patents and countries of patent filings
  • Patent segmentation by technology (SAW, BAW-FBAR, BAW-SMR) and device (duplexers, multiplexers, diplexers)
  • Current legal status of the patents
  • Ranking of main patent assignees by technological segments
  • Key patents and granted patents near expiration by technological segments
  • Focus on packaging and thermal drift compensation
  • IP position of key players, and relative strength of their patent portfolios
  • Patents linked to products of major market players
  • IP profile of key players
  • Excel database with all patents analyzed in the report,including technology segmentation

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