Quantum computing enlisted in search for extraterrestrial life

Zapata Computing, the quantum software vendor, will cooperate with researchers at the University of Hull to apply quantum computing in the search for extraterrestrial life.

The collaboration will enable research using Orquestra, Zapata’s quantum workflow platform, to improve an application for detecting signs of life off the earth. The partners said they would release an analysis of their research after eight weeks. Additional quantum astrophysics collaboration between Zapata and the U.K. university are also planned. Boston-based Zapata’s platform handles both conventional and quantum workflows found in large enterprises.

The goal of the collaboration is to detect the presence of molecules and trace elements beneficial for generating life. “It’s probably a long-term project that will give us data for a lot of possible molecules,” David Benoit, senior lecturer in molecular physics and astrochemistry at the University of Hull, said in an interview.  Quantum computing is proving to be a valuable tool for making complex physics calculations required in astrophysics research.

Source: https://www.eetimes.com/

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