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Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & Wafer-Level Packaging Applications

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Icone flyer Equipment and Materials for 3DIC and Wafer-Level Packaging ApplicationsMainly supported today by flip-chip wafer bumping, 3D WLP, and WLCSP; the long term growth of the equipment and materials business will be supported by the expansion of 3D TSV stack platforms.

TSV integration is creating growth and significant interest in the equipment & materials industry

Mainly supported today by flip-chip wafer bumping, the equipment market generated revenue of more than $930M in 2013. It is expected that this equipment market revenue will peak at almost $2.5B.  It is fueled by the 3D IC technology with TSV interconnects, an area offering opportunities for new developments in equipment modification—equipment that is much more expensive than the tools used for established Advanced Packaging platforms (3D WLP, WLCSP, flip-chip wafer bumping). Indeed, 2015 will be the key turning point for the adoption of 3D TSV Stacks since the memory manufacturers, such as Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, have already started to ship prototypes this year and might be ready to enter in high-volume manufacturing next year.

In addition, logic manufacturers will diversify investments from System-on-Chip to Package-on-Package and will benefit from Advanced Packaging platforms such as 2.5D interposer and FO WLP to stimulate their high-volume production.  

The materials market will grow from $789M in 2013 to over $2.1B with a CAGR of 18%.  Growth will mainly be driven by the expansion of the next generation Wafer-level-packaging platforms (3D TSV stacked memories, multi-layer RDL for FO WLP & WLCSP), which are becoming more complex and requiring additional and various thin layers, as well as advanced materials, to achieve better performance.

This report will present a comprehensive overview of the main equipment and materials used in the 3D & WLP applications. In addition, it includes insights on a number of equipment tools, breakdown by wafer size & revenue, by type of equipment & materials and advanced packaging applications. Moreover, it also provides details about key suppliers, market share and technological highlights that impact the 3D & WLP industry.

Equipment & materials market forecasts are calculated for 2013–2019.

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Increase competition in the packaging area: Battle in the equipment & materials industry

The packaging area has driven significant activity throughout the entire supply chain to solve 3D technology manufacturing challenges.

Starting in 2015, the strong growth of TSV adoption will result in significant investments in new equipment and materials to meet the key requirements of 3D technology. Fabrication of TSV requires several processing steps, each with their own specifications, depending on the needs of each application. In addition, robust integration of all the steps will be critical for the successful implementation of TSV technology.

Today, there are still many unresolved challenges: remaining technical issues, standardization for collaborative business models and more importantly cost, especially for consumer and mobile applications.

The 3D TSV business has been of central interest to the packaging area that has enabled the entry of equipment suppliers coming from the Front-End and Back-End (PCB) areas.  Both of which are looking to find business opportunities in the Middle-End.

Supporting the trends of miniaturization, front-end tools would be preferred for achieving more aggressive features; however, they are typically more expensive.

Back-end equipment generally exhibits lower cost but can face scaling issues when semiconductor ICs continue to reduce in chip and function size.

As a result, to support the 3D integration process flow, a trade-off between performance and cost will be necessary.

In addition to existing tools to support all the different 3D activities and processing needs, several equipment and materials vendors have emerged. A result of the various steps involved in 3D technology is that the equipment market has become quite diversified.

Several different groups of players, each providing different expertise, have been formed:

  • Top-tier semiconductor equipment suppliers coming from the Front-End area  
  • Specialist equipment suppliers that have developed knowledge and expertise in very specific equipment lines. They are looking to further increase their market share in their field of expertise through differentiation from Top-tier equipment suppliers.

On the other hand, the last acquisitions—SPTS acquired by Orbotech and the merger between AMAT and TEL—show an interest by these companies to provide equipment tools for the Advanced Packaging industry and thus, support as much as possible the Middle-End area.

Since the competition has increased between equipment and materials suppliers, strategic partnerships will probably be necessary  to support as much as possible the current and future needs of 3D stacking.
This big change in the equipment & materials market is creating a new battle in the Middle-End area, which is going to be very interesting over the next 5 years.

This report presents a detailed analysis on the packaging industry, highlighting new strategies developed by the equipment & materials suppliers. It gives future evolution of the packaging industry and detailed analysis on the impact of the latest acquisitions on the evolution of the equipment & materials markets.

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Increased competition in the lithography market

The lithography market has gained significant interest within the equipment market. This field has driven the entrance of new equipment suppliers.

Today if Ultratech and SUSS micro tech focused on gaining a large portion of market share in the lithography area, they might be challenged by equipment suppliers coming from the Front-End area, such as Nikon and Canon, that represent Top-tier semiconductor equipment and equipment vendors coming from the PCB industry (such as Orbotech, Ushio).

The lithography market is quite diversified and segmented into several different types of equipment suppliers. New entrants are trying to enter the lithography market with alternative solutions to mask aligners and steppers, both used in the packaging area.

Competitive landscape and market share for the major equipment & materials suppliers involved in the Packaging industry are quantified and detailed in this report.  

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Complete and detailed technologies update for equipment & materials used in 3D & WLP applications

Although today it is mainly supported by flip-chip wafer bumping applications, the packaging market remains a huge business opportunity. This market shows the greatest potential for significant future growth in the semiconductor industry.

Technologies related to equipment & materials (but used for different process flows) are included in this report. The process flows for each Advanced Packaging platform, including flip-chip wafer bumping trends, Fan-in WLCSP, 3D WLP, FOWLP, 2.5D silicon interposers, and 3DIC Via Middle & Via Last processes, are also included in the report.

The key equipment & materials used in the Advanced Packaging area are highlighted for each process step and a detailed analysis is provided for all process flows across each of the Advanced Packaging platforms. Analysis of the Via First process flow is detailed in this report as well.

Report objectives
The objectives of the report are to:

  • Provide market metrics both at equipment & materials levels (from 2013 to 2019)
  • Provide market share of the key equipment & materials suppliers involved in the packaging industry
  • Key technical insight into future equipment & materials trends and challenges
  • A forecast for the next five years, and to predict future trends for equipment & materials for 3D & WLP applications
  • Better understand process flows and technological trends in package manufacturing
  • Better understand equipment & materials industries for each process step

What’s new

  • Update of market forecast from 2013 to 2019
  • New analysis based on the competitive landscape and market share for all main equipment and materials suppliers for 3D TSV & WLP applications
  • More in-depth analysis on the different equipment & materials technologies already available on the market and technology trends
  • Update of 2013 key equipment & materials suppliers
  • Key technical insights and detailed analysis on equipment & materials solutions, trends, requirements and challenges

Table of contents

Report scope & definitions  3
Glossary  4
Companies cited in this report  7
Definitions, limitations & methodology  9
Analysis comparison: 2011 vs. 2014  10
Who should be interested in this report?  11
Executive summary  12
Overall equipment market forecasts ($M)  30
> Breakdown by advanced packaging platform
> Breakdown by type of equipment

Equipment market forecast for 3D & WLP  37

> Overview of the technologies
> Current status
> Overview of the major equipment suppliers
Positioning of the different equipment suppliers, by technology
> Challenges/unmet needs
> Trends of the technology
> 2013 – 2019 market forecast from 2013 to 2019 (in $M, units)
> Market share (2013)
> Breakdown details for permanent wafer bonders / C2W bonders / DRIE etching & other drilling tools /  CVD / PVD / ECD plating / exposure & lithography / spray coating / cleaning / temporary bonding & de-bonding /  grinding-thinning-CMP / wafer-molding / inspection & metrology
Materials market forecast for 3D & WLP  213
> 2013 – 2019 market forecast from 2013 to 2019 (in $M)
> Market share (2013)
> Breakdown details for photoresist & coatings  / adhesive tapes / pre-applied & wafer-level underfills / molding compounds / plating & cleaning chemistries / slurries for CMP / temporary bonding materials/ gas  & precursors / sputtering targets

3DIC & WLP technologies process flows & manufacturing trends analysis  287

> Focus on Flip-Chip wafer bumping
> Introduction & background
> Typical manufacturing process flows
> Equipment & materials suppliers involved
> Key process challenges and issues
> Focus on WL CSP packaging
> Focus on FO WLP packaging
> Focus on  2.5D silicon interposers
> Case of via first TSV for WLP MEMS oscillator with TSV
> Focus on 3D WLP platform
> Case of 3DIC & TSV via middle

Conclusions & perspectives  289


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  • 3D & WLP equipment and material market metrics (units and value): forecast 2013–2019
  • Market share of major equipment suppliers
  • Key technical insights and detailed analysis on equipment & materials solutions, trends, requirements and challenges
  • Detailed WLP & other technologies process flows and scenarios analysis, including evidence of the critical steps related to each wafer-level-packaging platform, and what the available technology alternatives are in the equipment & materials toolbox
  • Technology roadmap for adoption of new technology