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MEMS Price+

1 mems price
14 300 €

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flyer MEMS PriceEasy to use Costing tool for MEMS devices
Simulate the production cost & selling price of MEMS devices, including ASICs, packaging and related components.


For a long time, the production cost evaluation of MEMS has been limited by the extreme variability of MEMS processes. MEMS Price+ breaks this barrier with a cost model mixing global parameters and technologies.

The simulation is based on a description of the structure (dies dimensions and functions), and the selection of the technology from a comprehensive database.

A fine knowledge of the MEMS or IC processes is no more necessary to operate an accurate cost simulation.


  • System Plus Consulting has published more than 100 devices reverse costing reports on MEMS devices, and has used its expertise to propose an efficient and easy-to-use cost simulation tool able to simulate most of the MEMS technologies in production.
  • MEMS Price+ allows to calculate the production cost and selling price of a wafer, die, packaged MEMS or System-in-Package including an unlimited number of dies. The tool includes a comprehensive database of the main players MEMS processes.

No admin privilege is required for setup

  • MEMS Price+ is working from a single MS-Excel™ file and an external and sharable data file.
  • Requires only basic MS-Excel ™ or MS-Office™ suite (from 2007 to 2013 release).

Results are fully open-format

  • You can modify or export final results, and build reports in your own style as in any Excel workbook.

Workgroup-compliant, safely

  • All the data managed by MEMS Price+ are stored in an external MS-Access™ database file. Data cannot be read from the single Excel file and access rights to the database are needed. Multiple access, data sharing and data integrity are secured.


  • An on-line training is included in order to quickly be able to use all the functionalities of the tool.

Market relevant features

  • Commercial life cycle and price versus quantity rules can be set to fit precisely your market.

Open technology models

  • MEMS Price+ is ready to estimate MEMS wafers for more than 30 technologies from various suppliers (Bosch, STMicroelectronics, Knowles, Freescale…) and is updated with new processes detected and analyzed by System Plus Consulting.
  • The model for Integrated Circuits is using a generator to simulate most of technology variations down to 22nm CMOS, including BiCMOS, BCD and more.

Multiple subcontracting operations

  • Costs of usually externalized operations can be precisely evaluated by setting their individual regional and commercial parameters.
Reference database includes Fab Units and Technologies, MEMS & ASIC Manufacturers and Packages

1 – Set one or several parts data:

  • Give a brief description of the IC or MEMS die dimensions,
  • Select the technology in the reference database, or build a new one using the technology generator wizard,
  • Select the Fab unit in the database,
  • Set final operations on wafer, using preset options,
  • Set supply chain economics options.

1 MEMS Price2 - Set the backend data:

  • Set assembly options or select the package of the IC in the reference database,
  • Set some parameters on final test, if needed.


2 MEMS Price

3 - Set the economical data:

  • Set the delivery schedule,
  • Set outsourcing options or foundry data for parts if needed,
  • Select the manufacturer and market option for final product.
  • Manufacturer financials can be selected from reference database.


4 MEMS Price

5 MEMS PriceMEMS Processes (as of February 2015):

  • Analog Devices iMEMS process
  • Analog Devices surface micromachining process
  • Bosch surface micromachining process
  • Freescale surface micromachining process
  • Freescale HARMEMS process
  • Kionix dry micromachining process
  • mCube 3D MEMS process
  • Murata (VTI) 3D-MEMS with cSOI process
  • Murata (VTI) 3D-MEMS with SOI process
  • Sensonor bulk micromachining (TP4) process
  • STMicroelectronics THELMA process


  • Bosch surface micromachining process
  • InvenSense Nasiri Process
  • Maxim (SensorDynamics) PSM-X2 process
  • Murata (VTI) 3D-MEMS with cSOI process
  • Sensonor bulk micromachining (TP5) process
  • STMicroelectronics THELMA process
  • Pressure Sensors:
  • Bosch APSM process
  • Freescale CMOS/MEMS process
  • Freescale MEMS Pressure Capacitive process
  • Infineon CMOS/MEMS process
  • Infineon bulk micromachining process
  • Sensonor bulk micromachining (TP4) process
  • STMicroelectronics VENSENS process


  • Akustica CMOS/MEMS process
  • Epcos micromachining process
  • Infineon micromachining process
  • InvenSense (Analog Devices) SOI micromachining process
  • Knowles SiSonic MEMS process
  • Omron micromachining process
  • Wolfson micromachining process
  • Oscillators:
  • Discera micromachining with Silex Microsystems TSI process
  • Silicon Labs CMEMS process
  • SiTime MEMS First process


  • Avago FBAR process
  • Wispry MEMS over CMOS process

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Review the demo video for more information:


Across the Enterprise, from marketing to purchasing and R&D, product manufacturing cost is a major factor which has to be measured and then optimized. Since 1993, System Plus Consulting’s mission has been to develop and sell the right tools and services to meet these costing requirements.

System Plus Consulting utilizes an engineering approach to cost. Cost models and technology expertise are combined to provide customers with an accurate and objective estimation of manufacturing costs and selling prices.

Headquartered in Nantes, France, System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. During our 20 years in business, we have built and refined detailed cost models as the primary tools for hundreds of analyses. The highly qualified System Plus cost engineers combine broad and deep skills in semiconductor and electronics technologies with years of experience in cost modeling.

We offer:
− Custom reverse costing analyses: technology analysis followed by cost evaluation
− Standard reverse costing reports: regular publications on innovative products (available from our catalogue)
− Costing tools: software tools combining models and data to perform cost analysis

System Plus Consulting analyzes any type of electronic devices and systems, with a special focus on semiconductor technologies. Major fields of technology and cost expertise are:
− Integrated Circuits
− Power Devices and Modules
− MEMS & Sensors
− Photonics: LED, Image Sensors
− Packaging including wafer level
− Electronic Boards and Systems

Our analyses are used by Purchasing Departments to measure their suppliers’ cost structure, R&D Departments to confirm technological choices depending on their impact on costs, and Benchmarking/Marketing Departments to monitor the products on the market.

System Plus Consulting is committed to provide a high level of service:
− Delivery of reports and custom analyses with a minimum lead time.
− Results presentation and online Q&A sessions when support is needed.
− Open methodology and full confidentiality in order to maintain a trustful collaboration.

Since 2008, our partnership with YOLE Développement has allowed us to stay at the forefront of technologies and has added a market view to our reports.

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