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NXP MR2001 Multi-Channel 77 GHz Radar Rx/Tx/VCO Fan-Out RCP Chipset

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freescale radar flyer

The new 77 GHz Radar Chipset for ADAS from NXP/Freescale
SiGe:C xHBT technology & Fan-Out RCP Wafer-Level Packaging

In 2015 NXP (formerly Freescale), a leader in integrated circuits for ADAS 77 GHz radar, introduced a new chipset for complete system-level radar solutions using Freescale’s new Fan-Out RCP packaging. This transceiver chipset is scalable for multi-channel operation and enables a single radar platform with electronic beam steering and wide field-of-view for auto safety, communications infrastructure, and industrial systems.

In 2015, Continental announced that its current-generation ARS 400 long-range radar sensor incorporates Freescale’s MR2001 77 GHz multichannel radar transceiver and MPC577xK microcontroller, with integrated radar signal ADCs and a dedicated radar DSP. The entire chipset uses RCP, the Fan-Out Wafer Level Package developed by Freescale.

This package’s lack of wire bonding reduces inductance, and it’s designed specifically for increased heat management. And thanks to Freescale’s innovative approach, the RCP package is robust enough to be installed in a front automotive module.


NXP feescale Die Overview


The radar dies are manufactured with the newest and most advanced process from NXP/Freescale, merging RF-Transistor SiGe:C xHBT and a 0.18 µm CMOS transistor.
This report includes a complete analysis of the entire MR2001 chipset (MR2001RVK Receiver, MR2001TVK transmitter, and MR2001VVK VCO components).


NXP feescale Package Bottom view


This report also features a full comparison with the Infineon 77 GHz radar chipset that’s included in the Bosch MRR1Plus. Additionally, a complete comparison is provided between Infineon’s Fan-Out eWLB and NXP/Freescale’s Fan-Out RCP packaging, including technical choice and the result on the process flow.


NXP feescale Package Cross Section


Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Company profile & Supply Chain


Physical Analysis

> Module Analysis
> Redistributed Chip Package Analysis
- View, Dimensions, and Marking
- Chipset Package Overview
- RCP Cross-Section
- RCP Redistributed Layer
> Rx Analysis – MR2001RVK Die
- View, Dimensions, and Marking
- Die RF Main Blocks ID
- Die Delayering and Digital/Analog Main Blocks ID
- Rx Details Function
Rx Module Overview – Buffer
> Tx Analysis – MR2001TVK Die
- View, Dimensions, and Marking
- Die RF Main Blocks ID
- Die Delayering and Digital/Analog Main Blocks ID
> VCO Analysis – MR2001VVK Die
- View, Dimensions, and Marking
- Die RF Main Blocks ID
- Die Delayering and Digital/Analog Main Blocks ID
- VCO Details Function
- VCO Module Overview – Frequency Divider





























> Die Common Module Analysis
- State Machine Module Analysis
- SPI Module Analysis
- Voltage Regulation Analysis
> Die Cross-Section
- SiGe:C xHBT Transistor Cross-Section
- Process Characteristics


Manufacturing Process Flow

- Global Overview
- SiGe Die Process & Wafer Fabrication Unit
- RCP Process Flow & Fabrication Unit



Cost Analysis

- Economic Analysis: Main Steps

- Yields Hypotheses
- SiGe Wafer Cost and Die Cost
- RCP Wafer Cost
- Components Cost
> Estimated Sales Price
- Manufacturer Financial Ratios
- MR2001RVK, MR2001TVK, and MR2001VVK Estimated Sales Price



Radar Chipset Comparison with Infineon RASIC eWLB

- Rx/Tx/VCO Comparison
- Package Comparison (eWLB/RCP)
- Cross-Section Comparison


About the authors


Headquartered in Nantes, France, System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. During our 20 years in business, we have built and refined detailed cost models as the primary tools for hundreds of analyses.

The highly qualified System Plus cost engineers combine broad and deep skills in semiconductor and electronics technologies with years of experience in cost modeling. We offer:custom reverse costing analyses, standard reverse costing reports and costing tools within the following fields: integrated circuits, power devices and modules, MEMS & sensors, photonics (LED, Image Sensors), packaging and electronic boards and systems.





















































  • Detailed Photos

  • Detailed Functions
  • Precise Measurements

  • Material Analysis

  • Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis

  • Estimated Chipset Price

  • Comparison with Infineon Receiver & Transmitter Chipset

  • Comparison with Infineon Fan-Out eWLB & Freescale's Fan-Out RCP Packaging