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Toyota Prius 4 PCU Power Modules

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Toyota Prius 4 PCU modules integrate IGBT and freewheeling diodes onto innovative double side cooling packaging for hybrid electric vehicles, allowing better thermal dissipation, modularity and scalability of the system.

For its latest Prius 4 Toyota has designed a new power control unit (PCU). The PCU has two types of power module, one for the motor inverter and the other for the boost converter and generator inverter.

The module integrates Toyota’s latest power card packaging, with double side cooling. It allows the modularity and scalability of the PCU’s inverters to be optimized and also enables better thermal dissipation thanks to the use of copper heatsinks and spacers. The power cards can be placed in parallel to have a single thermal dissipation circuit in a limited space.

This package includes two pairs of wire bonded IGBTs and freewheeling diodes and is plastic molded.

This report offers a deep technical analysis of the module structure, packaging, and of the IGBT and diode die.

Toyota Prius PCU power module IGBT System Plus Consulting

Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report also provides an estimation of the production cost of the package, IGBT and diode.

Moreover, the report compares the Prius 4 PCU with the Chevrolet Volt power module, analyzing the technical choices of the packaging and the die. This comparison highlights the huge differences in design and manufacturing process and their impact on device size and production cost.


Toyota Prius PCU power module IGBT System Plus Consulting 2 bd














Table of contents

Overview / Introduction

Executive Summary
Reverse Costing Methodology


Company Profile


Physical Analysis

Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
> Module design
Generator Inverter
> Module teardown
> Diode analysis
Boost Converter and Motor Inverter
> Module teardown
> Diode analysis


Manufacturing Process Flow

IGBT Process Flow and Fabrication Unit
Diode Process Flow and Fabrication Unit
Package Process Flow and Fabrication Unit















































Cost Analysis

Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
Main Steps of Economic Analysis
Yields Explanation
Cost and Price Analysis Generator Inverter                                           
> IGBT wafer cost and die cost
> Diode wafer cost and die cost
> Packaging cost
> Module cost
> Module price
Cost and Price Analysis Boost Converter and Motor Inverter               
> IGBT wafer cost and die cost
> Diode wafer cost and die cost
> Packaging cost
> Module cost
> Module price


Toyota Prius vs Chevrolet Volt Power Module


About the authors


System Plus Consulting specializes in the cost analysis of electronics, from semiconductor devices to electronic systems. Created more than 20 years ago, System Plus Consulting has developed a complete range of services, costing tools and reports to deliver in-depth production cost studies and estimate the objective selling price of a product. System Plus Consulting engineers are experts in Integrated Circuits - Power Devices & Modules - MEMS & Sensors - Photonics – LED - Imaging – Display - Packaging - Electronic Boards & Systems.


Through hundreds of analyses performed each year, System Plus Consulting offers deep added-value reports to help its customers understand their production processes and determine production costs. Based on System Plus Consulting’s results, manufacturers are able to compare their production costs to those of competitors.


System Plus Consulting is a sister company of Yole Développement.


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  • Precise measurements

  • Material analysis

  • Manufacturing process flow

  • Supply chain evaluation

  • Manufacturing cost analysis

  • Selling price estimate

  • Chevrolet Volt comparison