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Transphorm GaN-on-Silicon HEMT TPH3206PS

3 290 €

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Transphorm GaN on Silicon HEMT TPH3206PS flyer

Transphorm’s new die design for its TPH3206PS GaN HEMT halves the cost per ampere compared to the previous model

The TPH3002PS is a 600V EZ-GaN™ HEMT for high frequency operations from Transphorm. Manufactured by Fujitsu and assembled in a TO220 package, it features the Quiet-TabTM scheme which increases switching speed by 200%. With a 7.5ns turn-on and a 10ns turn-off, the TPH3002PS has a higher switch frequency than the best CoolMOS.
The TPH3002PS is based on a cascode configuration of a GaN on Silicon HEMT transistor to hold the high voltage and a standard low voltage MOSFET to drive high frequency and to make a normally-off transistor from a normally-on GaN HEMT.
The device is assembled in a TO220 package for an easy integration in converter electronic system. Moreover, it integrates a Quiet-Tab™ and a Gate-Source-Drain (GSD) pin-out arrangement in order to reduce the parasitic inductance and capacitance in high frequency and to allow 200% increase in switching speed compared to traditional TO-220.

The report presents a deep technology analysis of the packaging and the components with TEM images of the complex GaN epitaxy layer stack and transistor structure.

It also includes production cost analysis and overall comparison with GaN Systems GS66508P 650V HEMT.

 Transphorm GaN on Silicon HEMT TPH3206PS System Plus Consulting 2   Transphorm GaN on Silicon HEMT TPH3206PS System Plus Consulting 3






















Table of contents

Overview / Introduction


Company profile & Supply Chain


TPH3206PS Characteristics


Physical Analysis

> Synthesis of the Physical Analysis
> Package Analysis
- View and dimensions and marking
- Package opening
- Package cross-section
> GaN on Silicon HEMT Analysis
- Dimension and marking
- Details and delayering
- Cross-section, SEM view
> Resistor Analysis
- Dimension
- Details and process
- Cross- section
> Silicon MOSFET
- Dimension
- Details
- Cross-section


Manufacturing Process Flow

> GaN HEMT Process Flow and Fabrication Units
> Resistor Process Flow and Fabrication Units
> MOSFET Process Flow and Fabrication Units
> Package Process Flow 






























Cost Analysis

> Synthesis of the Cost Analysis
> Main Steps of Economic Analysis
> Yields Explanation
> Cost Analysis GaN HEMT
- GaN HEMT wafer cost
- Breakdown per process step
- Back-end cost
- GaN HEMT die cost
> Resistor Cost Analysis
- Resistor wafer cost
- Breakdown per process step
- Resistor die cost
> MOSFET Cost Analysis
- MOSFET wafer cost
- Back-end cost
- MOSFET die cost
> TPH3206PS Cost Analysis
- Assessing BOM
- DBC cost
- TPH3206PS module cost



Estimated Manufacturer Price Analysis

> Manufacturers ratios 
> Estimated manufacturer price



Comparison with Transphorm TPH3002PS


Comparison with GaN System GS66504B


About the authors


System Plus Consulting specializes in the cost analysis of electronics, from semiconductor devices to electronic systems.


Created more than 20 years ago, System Plus Consulting has developed a complete range of services, costing tools and reports to deliver in-depth production cost studies and estimate the objective selling price of a product.


System Plus Consulting engineers are experts in:

  • Integrated Circuits 
  • Power Devices & Modules 
  • MEMS & Sensors
  • Photonics 
  • LED 
  • Imaging 
  • Display 
  • Packaging 
  • Electronic Boards & Systems.

Through hundreds of analyses performed each year, System Plus Consulting offers deep added-value reports to help its customers understand their production processes and determine production costs. Based on System Plus Consulting’s results, manufacturers are able to compare their production costs to those of competitors.

System Plus Consulting is a sister company of Yole Développement.


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  • Detailed photos

  • Precise measurements

  • Material analysis

  • Manufacturing process flow

  • Supply chain evaluation

  • Manufacturing cost analysis

  • Estimated sales price

  • Comparison with TPH3002 and GaN Systems’ GS66504B