Robosense LiDAR partners with Gosuncn on vehicle-to-infrastructure project for smart city

The Smart LiDAR Sensor provider RoboSense announced a strategic collaboration with the industry’s best smart city IoT applications and service provider Gosuncn, in the field of 5G and Internet-of-Vehicle, including research and developments of Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) systems and its software and hardware environment construction, the fusion algorithms of LiDAR and camera, etc.

Gosuncn specializes in the development of smart city IoT. With IoT technology as the core, it focuses on public safety and smart cities and explores the application of key industries such as automotive networking. RoboSense, as a provider of smart LiDAR sensor solutions, will provide its propitiated advanced technology of both sensor hardware and AI perception algorithms to improve road and vehicle environment sensing capability. According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly accelerate research, development and application of 5G and V2I system development.

Gu Yongcheng, Director and Executive Vice President of Gosuncn, said, “the two parties will deepen the cooperation on products and solutions, R&D and business to jointly create a 5G intelligent network demonstration project and promote the rapid development of future transportation infrastructure for the smart city.”

We are very glad that RoboSense and Gosuncn are on the same page in terms of 5G-based V2I solution for smart city development,” RoboSense Co-founder & COO Mark Qiu, said. “The cooperation will certainly accelerate the application of RoboSense LiDAR sensor and AI perception Algorithm in the 5G and Internet-of-Vehicle projects. In order to improve traffic safety and intelligent transportation development, the two parties will increase investment and actively develop and deploy pilot projects of V2I solutions based on respective advanced technology.

Prior to the V2I strategic cooperation, RoboSense and Gosuncn have been collaborated and involved in other non-vehicle-based projects. During the outbreak of the COVID-19, Gosuncn applied RoboSense LiDAR on their patrol robots provided for the police to monitor mask-wearing and body temperatures in public places of China, efficiently reducing patrolling responsibilities and preventing cross-infection.


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